Black Lives Matter

Why Black Lives Matter on TV, Too

This article originally appeared on on 9/1/15. As a lifelong horror lover who has co-written and co-produced a short zombie film, I’ve often pondered why zombies have so taken hold of the public imagination. An uncomfortable revelation dawned on me in 2014 as I watched the police army amass in reaction to protesters in […]

Abernathy Man Patriarchy

Abernathy Man: umi selah

Abernathy Man is a series that spotlights remarkable black men and the work they’re doing. When starting Abernathy, we were shocked at just how pervasive the subjugation of black women by black men in the movement is. We weren’t prepared for it, especially when black women were reticent to work with us after having been […]

Books NBA Sports

Only a Game

How can anybody hope to tell the story of Allen Iverson, a man whose life was all style, a man whose performances were indelible and whose failures are forgettable? There have been some strong efforts, some “college tries” (Iverson’s own college try ended with him as the leading scorer in Georgetown Hoyas history, at 22.9 […]