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Freedom (a short story)

“Next up to the mic…”      A voice over the PA system announced to the crowd anxiously awaiting the next poet in the Open Mic lineup. Langston sat in the back, remembering what his first time felt like.      “Next up to the mic is a young man who goes by the name of Langston. You know […]

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The Bronze Titan: Antonio Maceo, Cuba’s Greatest Warrior

Over two dozen bullet and machete wounds scarred his body. He survived three assassination attempts in three different countries. He fought in hundreds of battles over the course of his life, and Winston Churchill turned twenty-one years of age while taking heavy fire from one of his units. Antonio Maceo’s larger than life exploits are […]

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An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of 2016: About David Walker…

At the 2012 A2MEND: African-American Male Education Network and Development conference in Los Angeles, I gave a speech to an audience of about one hundred young black men from California’s community colleges on David Walker as a figure of inspiration and enlightenment. I started by asking those who already knew of Walker to please raise […]