Fatherhood Fathers Day

A Father’s Love

My first clear memory in life is of me standing in the doorway of my childhood home and watching my mother being beaten by my father. I have no memory of anything leading up to this moment nor of what transpired immediately afterwards. My father would eventually leave us, and so begins the rest of […]

Tech Spotlight

Tech Spotlight: Johnny Austin

The Abernathy Tech Spotlight series highlights black professionals working in tech, from freelance developers to non-technical founders. Complete this form to submit your profile. What is your current role and where do you work? I’m currently working as Senior Engineering Manager at Social Tables. I lead a team of talented product engineers who work on […]


A Letter to my Younger Self

At 19, I drove from Michigan to Alabama to begin my second year of college. I wish my older self could have somehow transported a letter through time and left it on top of my enormous booklet of CDs which sat in the passenger seat. My future self would know to place it there; He’d […]