Close-Up on the Background: A Conversation with Sergio Giral, The Father of Afro-Cuban Cinema

The concept of “Afro-Cuban” art has always garnered a great deal of attention from enthusiasts of the African Diaspora. Although it is ubiquitous and synonymous with most Cuban art on the island, drawing no particular distinction, this hyphenated genre among a more global audience is defined more by the subject of Black culture in Cuba […]


Connecting Through the Canvas: Donnie Rogers, Harlem Artist

A famous Harlem transplant once said, “I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go.” Almost a century ago, Langston Hughes moved to the uptown New York City neighborhood from the Midwest to spread his creative wings in an era that […]

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The Bronze Titan: Antonio Maceo, Cuba’s Greatest Warrior

Over two dozen bullet and machete wounds scarred his body. He survived three assassination attempts in three different countries. He fought in hundreds of battles over the course of his life, and Winston Churchill turned twenty-one years of age while taking heavy fire from one of his units. Antonio Maceo’s larger than life exploits are […]