Contributor Spotlight: Alexia Clincy

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Why is writing important to you?
Writing is important to me because I enjoy educating others through my personal experiences. If someone can read my stories and gain a useful tip or have an idea sparked that will help them on their own path, then I’ve done my job.

What keeps you busy when you’re not writing?
When I’m not writing, I’m running Capitalize Social, the social media marketing firm I created in 2012. Every day I’m involved in a variety of tasks from employee management, to client acquisition, to content creation. I love both social media strategy and business development because similar to writing, they give me an opportunity to think creatively in order to connect brands to their target audiences.

What piece are you most proud of and why?
I’m most proud of my Abernathy piece, Empowering a “Lost” Generation to Lead because it reveals an important transformation I went through in recognizing that youth should have a seat at the table when it comes to decision making and pushing society forward in a progressive manner. I gained a new respect for the ideas and ability of our youth to make an impact.

What book or books have most influenced your thinking or writing?
Upon reading Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill a couple years ago, it’s the book I’ve found myself recommending to my friends most. It’s all about conquering your inner fears, visualizing what you want, and making things happen without letting negativity and environment affect you.

Where can our audience find out more about you?
You can probably learn the most about me from my tweets. But until Wikipedia deems me cool enough to have an article, here’s the next best thing, and you can check out the company at

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By Alexia Clincy

Alexia is a research-oriented social media consultant and trainer based in Los Angeles. As founder and executive director of Capitalize Social, she has designed successful social media strategies for clients in a variety of fields, including motion pictures, government, and publishing. More than anything, Alexia loves her family, her home state of North Carolina, Twitter, and biscuits.