greatness (a poem)

Imagine if we all decided to be great

If we decided our heritage was heroism

Our lineage was leadership

Our inheritance was ingenuity

Our purpose was power

Our call was courageousness

What if we chose to believe that shining our light was never optional

That our destinies were required reading for


our haters


our supporters


and ourselves?

What if we agreed that our thoughts were bombs,

Molotov cocktails we launched at the walls of the death we encounter every day?

What if I took a good look at the self I’ve been forced to be,

Took her out to lunch,

Gave her some walking papers and told her she was no longer needed,

Asked her to make way for greatness?

What if I,


I decided to be great?

Tell me, who could stop me if greatness became my fundamental truth?

Who would dare stop me?

The author, Abigail Mariam, and Donzaleigh Abernathy, daughter of Rev. Ralph David Abernathy.
Abigail Mariam and Donzaleigh Abernathy, daughter of Rev. Ralph David Abernathy. Photo by the author.

This poem originally appeared on mywhisperroars.

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By Abigail Mariam

I'm a reader and a writer. Currently showcasing black voices. SoCal => Harvard => Oakland. Working in local government. Empowering and empowered by the people of the Bay Area, in the areas of homelessness, community development, and political action.