Love Gaps

Image by Javi Sánchez de la viña via Flickr

We are only heard from our graves /
Depicted as the help or 40 million dollar slave /
To whip work or catch a similar case / Of mathematics is problematic because this tragic habit is not in our fave /
Or…institutionalize our lifestyle as a crime / like black military women with natural hairstyles / Enlarged minds with anemic hearts plague intricate systems to divide the body against itself /
We think we all are victims /
the land of wealth and love gaps has long backed / a bold mystery /
what if we used love instead of hate throughout our history /
pandemic voids of compassion / matches the pastor’s actions / of collecting and dissecting the only thing that matters / truth cached in alabaster / only cracked in a disaster / when we realize no matter what life throws / we’re the catcher /
then we unite / broken by the sight of what we could not imagine / praying one day love for each other will enable the rapture

By Denny Hilliard

A Jacksonville, Florida, native and Navy veteran, Denny Hilliard spends time enjoying great cocktails, local restaurants, and volunteering with children throughout his community. Denny wants to change one corner of the world at a time by inspiring people to be better. That example must be lived.