Semblance of My Enemy

Isolated in the borders of our enemies
Fought so long for them to see that they are kin to me
Castrated by their thrones
Emancipated but alone
A simple love left floating on an empty sea

Infatuated with ideals of eternity
Shed my wings as I fly to the sun to see
Masked and traded for my bones
Past elated when I’m home
But, at times, these corridors aren’t sweet to me

Every generation seeks to breed hatred anew
Love anchors our souls but sinks through
Our prejudice about a race
We get offended by a face
That spews words contradicting our inheritance

Entrenched in war against my family from a different land
Blood spilled on freedom’s beach, blending with the sand
How far can we reach
If love’s what we teach
We can touch stars but first we must take a stand

Categorized as Poetry

By Denny Hilliard

A Jacksonville, Florida, native and Navy veteran, Denny Hilliard spends time enjoying great cocktails, local restaurants, and volunteering with children throughout his community. Denny wants to change one corner of the world at a time by inspiring people to be better. That example must be lived.