This Is Our Come Up, So Don’t You Dare Give Up!

To my social world, learn to love your hell so you may better understand when positive comes your way. Even in these harsh times, every generation sees the past as better. While living in the pain, it’s hard to see the passion, but these times we’re in are perhaps the greatest time for this nation of American blacks.

“This is the come up, so don’t you dare give up!”

As a race climbs, stumbles will be a part of the journey, but don’t you dare give up. This is our population’s come up. Freedom rings loud and the wave of tribulations paint the progress of a displaced people. When it was dark and the race was infantile in a new nation, it was thrust upon our backs. Never were we to thrive, but the cream of the planet will rise with hope in their eyes.

Built with determination, they made our race afraid of their darkness, so we were forced to shine. Bright is now our time. Engraved in our warrior spirit, a new power. We’ve come from the greatest travesty inflicted on a human family. Quitting was never an option, but we probably thought about it often. Hearing the new screams of America and the whispers of Africa with every breath, we learned a new language and were forced to pray the way they prayed. Handicapped by the new words and schooled in hard work, the phoenix of our spirit rose to adapt to the change with the chains, whips and noose in our rear view.

Yes, we rose when other races fell under the foot of hate. Yet, our love delivered us, motivated us. Our internal resilience propelled us to be a symbol of defiance. Our creativity changed the world. Our intelligence soothes the beast. Our pride brought us sympathy and recognition. We grasped that sliver of light and turned it into our own sun.

Blood lines of Kings and Queens flowed through our veins, even when we forgot. Our accomplishments are some of the greatest assets in American history.

Now, the time has brought us to the door steps of racial victory. So much so, that the rebirth of the tensions of the Civil War has come in a new form. This is our come up, so don’t give up as, we as a race, are ready to kick in the door of equality. Don’t be afraid of their last desperate attempt to make us fearful of the last mile to go.

“This is the come up. Can you feel it? So, don’t you dare give up!”

By Knowledge Shabazz

I was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1981 at the height of crack and crime. My mother and father are members of God/Earth's five percent Nation. My father worked for Frank Lucas and my mother was the backbone of this high profiled family/clan. My upbringing led me to tribulations almost unimaginable from birth, and my resilience comes from my mother's love and self-pride lessons.