Thou Shalt Not Forsake Brotherhood

In the distant past, well, maybe more like five years ago, I underestimated the importance of developing strong relationships with other men. I was one of those guys who felt like I didn’t need anyone. I was the guy who the fellas would accuse of bailing on the crew because I was more interested in going out on a date or meeting up with a new lady I was diggin’. There was even a stretch of time where I was completely missing in action for months because I just wasn’t interested in battling it out in Madden on the Playstation with my guys anymore. I took the brotherhood for granted. As much as I used to make excuses for why I didn’t come around, I knew deep down that it would bite me in the butt when I was in a position to need them.

Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons. When I found myself in a rut because a new hottie broke my heart, guess who came through to cheer a brother up? The fellas. As a 30 year old married guy, I have a different perspective on the real importance of having a few good men in your life. When I say “good men”, I’m talking about brothers who will check you when you are wrong. Brothers who will hold you accountable and not allow you to make excuses for poor behavior. Brothers who will encourage you to be a better husband to your spouse. Men who will challenge you to not settle for less than what you deserve in life. Those are the kind of soldiers every guy needs in their life to make it in this world. No man is an island. I used to think it was weak to need other people, especially other men. There is no weakness in needing a helping hand. There truly is strength in numbers and I encourage all men to cultivate healthy relationships with other guys. It is a must.

Some of my best friends are women and they offer so much in the form of friendship, but there are things men go through that only other men can relate to. I wouldn’t trade my guys for the world. They have been in my corner even when I wasn’t the greatest friend. Some of them I have known for 20 years. Over the past few years I’ve added a few new brothers to my circle of trust and it’s been a rewarding experience. So fellas, make it your mission to develop strong brotherly relationships, I promise you won’t regret it.

By Brandon Mckay

Brandon (B.W. Mckay) is a black Christian Writer, Author and Entrepreneur from Washington DC. "Living life unapologetically great" is a mantra he lives by daily. He is also the CEO and Founder of Mckay Media Works and World Wide Mckay.