Vol 6: Prayful’ Hate


Hate is rampant. I won’t say it’s at an all-time high because I’m a student of history, so I’ll say it’s alive and well—fueled by the internet. People love nothing better than having a hot take, shooting down someone or something. No matter what someone says, and no matter how positive their intentions or message might be, there will be someone else who can find a way to throw shade. Remember when FLOTUS promoted having our children eat more vegetables? Because obesity is a problem in our country? People still hated! They hated on vegetables!

Pep Love, the Oakland, CA based emcee/lyricist/rapper extraordinaire has released a new single titled “Prayful’ Hate.” Not only does he deliver the fire lyrics he’s known for, he also produced the track himself… and it’s hella dope! The premise of the track is perfectly crystalized in the line: “Perception can be a deception, what you see in other people could be your own reflection.” Let that marinate for a second.


We often have something slick to say about someone else’s shortcomings, ignoring our own wack behavior. If things don’t go the way you want, we make it because of what someone else did or didn’t do. The next man could simply be shining, minding their own business, and people find a way to put it in a negative light. People will defy all logic and turn themselves inside out to make someone else accountable for what they’re feeling.

But what if the problem is you? What if what you’re complaining about in the next man is really your own demons? What if someone else’s shine triggers your own insecurities?

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Music for the Rest of Us is an exploration of dope music made with artistic integrity— music that’s about something more than just the turn up. Written by Aniefre Essien.

By Aniefre Essien

Aniefre is a Los Angeles native with varied interests ranging from the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira to an undying love of Lakers basketball, even in the lean years. He's an alum of both San Francisco State University (BS) and the University of Michigan (MBA), and is a firm believer in education as its own reward.