Needle in the Haystack: The Rise of African Americans

“Get this man out of the classroom. He’s racist and promotes the rising of African Americans.” When I first read this comment on an evaluation for a class I previously taught, I was overcome with feelings of dismay, anxiety, then anger. But, I remembered something that my parents taught me long ago. They told me […]


Why We Need a Viable Third or Fourth Party Option

“In the US, we have needed an independent political party for a very long time- an anti-racist, feminist, workers party.” — Angela Davis M y political affiliation is listed as independent. I’ve registered as an independent since I was old enough to vote in the general election in 2000. When I filled out the registration card on […]

Black Women

My Daddy Said Shoot

W hat happens when your husband is just like your father? In June of 2003, Beyonce broke the internet/television/radio/album sales/etc with the release of her first solo album, Dangerously In Love. I just turned 20 years old when the album dropped, and as the saying goes, it gave me life. Here was this unabashedly beautiful, […]