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Emotional Intelligence of the Black Male

As we enter the year of 2017, many Black people are wondering what will happen once President Obama leaves office. Many have displayed ideas of fear, confusion, frustration, and hopelessness. For Black people, this is understandable; We have been dealing with a significant amount of stress and confusion for many years. Recently however, more overt […]


What I Learned Teaching Black Men at the Cook County Jail in Chicago

I teach a class called “Black Male Leadership” in Division 6 at the Cook County Jail in Chicago. With over 9,000 inmates, Cook County Jail is the largest jail in the United States. It’s located in the center of Chicago, a city that holds the unimpressive distinction of having the nation’s highest murder rate—with over […]

Black Rage

For The Black Men I Love In America

“Sun don’t shine, and we all know why. Bullets be flying, so many shooting. Through the darkest times, through the darkest nights. We war, we war.” —Bullets by. Kaytranada ft. Little Dragon I have a legitimate fear for the lives of the black men that I love. A fear that I wish was irrational—however it’s […]

Patriarchy Patriarchy Series

Decentralizing Masculinity: The Opening

This is article one of five in a patriarchy series—from the mouth of a Black man to the ears of Black men—written by the multi-talented Daniel Johnson. Subscribe via email. I decided to begin a five-part examination into the ways patriarchy expresses itself specifically within the context and confines of Black America. I believe this […]


Needle in the Haystack: The Rise of African Americans

“Get this man out of the classroom. He’s racist and promotes the rising of African Americans.” When I first read this comment on an evaluation for a class I previously taught, I was overcome with feelings of dismay, anxiety, then anger. But, I remembered something that my parents taught me long ago. They told me […]