Semblance of My Enemy

Isolated in the borders of our enemies Fought so long for them to see that they are kin to me Castrated by their thrones Emancipated but alone A simple love left floating on an empty sea Infatuated with ideals of eternity Shed my wings as I fly to the sun to see Masked and traded […]

Music For the Rest of Us

Vol 5: A Rapper Named Fred

Peace. Fred might be the corniest name ever. And a rapper named Fred?! Let me tell you now though, if you stumble across music from the emcee Fred the Godson, you’d be a fool to judge his music by his name. I’d assume he’s well known in New York Hip Hop circles, as he’s been […]


Sorry, I Didn’t Hear You

You remember the scene from The Princess Bride. Vizzini has tried to forestall the man in black from catching up with him and his rogues as they escape with their hostage, the winsome Princess Buttercup. First he denies that they are being followed on the sailing ship. Then he disbelieves that the follower could be […]


holding space

I started my first Fortune 500 internship in 2005 with Convergys Corporation in Jacksonville, Florida. The work had precisely nothing to do with my Information Technology degree program, I was making $5/hour less than my peers at the same company (a fortune to a college sophomore), and at no point in my life had I […]

Black Rage

Can The “Angry Black Guy” Have White Friends?

“Clearly, you must just not like white people” “I think you’ve become what you’re fighting. A racist…Shame.” “There isn’t really a space for someone like you, here” “He’s just so angry these days and too sensitive. I miss the old Wisdom” I’ve heard these phrases over and over from close friends, colleagues, managers, and acquaintances. […]