Fatherhood Fathers Day

A Father’s Love

My first clear memory in life is of me standing in the doorway of my childhood home and watching my mother being beaten by my father. I have no memory of anything leading up to this moment nor of what transpired immediately afterwards. My father would eventually leave us, and so begins the rest of […]

Black Literature

Distinguished Archives: Connecting Black Male Legacies to Journaling

A note from the author: I am the woman who founded Distinguished Archives, a journaling workshop service, and I facilitated this workshop specifically with men of color in mind, although all men are welcome. The experience, to say the least, has been an honor. Jasonn Denard, a married father of two, shared that he hadn’t […]

Tech Spotlight

Tech Spotlight: Maxime Paul

The Abernathy Tech Spotlight series highlights black professionals working in tech, from freelance developers to non-technical founders. Complete this form to submit your profile. What is your current role and where do you work? I currently work at Jaguar Land Rover’s Open Software Technology Center in Portland, OR. I’m the Collaboration Technical Product Lead there. […]


Fresh Dressed: Fashion and Black Masculinity in Pro Sports

“For me to sit here and tell you I wasn’t the best-dressed, I would be lying to you.” -Jamal Adams, 2017 NFL Draft Where can you find Christian Louboutins, pink blazers, and lots of floral prints? If you said the Kentucky Derby or an Alpha Kappa Alpha soiree you would be wrong. No, this was […]