Black Literature

Distinguished Archives: Connecting Black Male Legacies to Journaling

A note from the author: I am the woman who founded Distinguished Archives, a journaling workshop service, and I facilitated this workshop specifically with men of color in mind, although all men are welcome. The experience, to say the least, has been an honor. Jasonn Denard, a married father of two, shared that he hadn’t […]

Black Lives Matter

Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and #BlackLivesMatter: Why “Stop Killing Us” is Both Revolutionary and Insufficient

This was supposed to be about #AltonSterling. That would’ve been easy. After years, or decades, if we start the timeline at the Civil Rights Movement, of police misconduct towards Black people, Sterling was the latest hashtag. The Baton Rogue, Louisiana father of five was fatally shot outside of a convenience store where he was selling […]