Writing Is Hard Work

As I lazily rolled out of bed in a slightly dazed and confused mental state, I picked up my phone to look at the date of my last post. Almost three weeks ago. Disgusted, a familiar and annoying voice from inside begins to speak. Every morning I wake up, I have the same thought. “Am […]

Queer Issues

A Few Words About Orlando

I didn’t have the words to express how I felt about what happened in Orlando. I sat on my couch Sunday morning and continued to watch the death toll climb. First it was twenty people. Then it was fifty. Then fifty-three. And the last number I saw before I started to write this piece, was […]


Why Don’t People Understand Racism?

O n February 29th, 2016, Stephen A. Smith gave a speech at the University of South Alabama as part of the school’s offerings for Black History Month. During his talk, Smith told young black students and attendees that racism is not an excuse for lack of progress because it doesn’t exist.  “You don’t have to […]

Awareness Coming-of-Age

A Conversation Between Greatness, Compromise, and Sacrifice

A conversation between Greatness, Sacrifice, Compromise—circa 2012—and someone who’s stupid enough to pretend these things aren’t interrelated. We’ll call that person,”G.” G: Alright. So check this out. I have all these plans I wish to accomplish and a lifetime to accomplish them. I know you’re in my future and I just have to put in […]

Black Lives Matter Dr. Martin Luther King

What Would King Do?

The Black Lives Matter movement has exponentially increased America’s protest activity within the last two to three years. The movement, if it needed to be summed up in one sentence, is centered on the lack of accountability regarding state-sponsored police violence inflicted on black citizens. These protests have done an amazing job of bringing awareness […]

Identity Personal Essay Writing

30 For 30: How Writing Changed the Gameplan

When I was seventeen, I already had a plan for the next twenty years of my life. There were goals I’d set for myself and being focused was mandatory in order to succeed in those objectives. Though I was young and mostly in the beginning stages of my knowledge, I had a strong sense of […]

Diversity Harlem

Driving Uptown Innovation: A Conversation With John Henry

John Henry is the Executive Director of cofound/harlem, “a non-profit, social-impact accelerator building 100 companies in Harlem in 5 years to increase economic opportunity for Harlem residents.” John also runs the popular Uptown Tech Meetup group, which hosts regular events, workshops, and intimate sessions with industry leaders. Before Cofound, John was an award-winning jazz musician […]

Abernathy Man

Abernathy Man: Kwame Thomison

Abernathy Man is a series that spotlights remarkable black men and the work they’re doing. Kwame Thomison is a manager at Facebook who got his first Silicon Valley experience at Meebo, the online messaging company. He credits his time at Meebo as the reason doors at other companies opened. Facebook was one of those open […]

Black Family Black Women Coming-of-Age

My Mother and Me

One of the best parts of my adult life is the camaraderie I’ve developed with my mother. It’s a fruitful and engaging friendship filled with jokes, laughs, and playful pokes by the two of us. If a couple of weeks go by without us speaking, my phone will ring and “Mommy” will flash. The minute […]

Abernathy Man

Abernathy Man: Wayne Sutton

Abernathy Man is a series that spotlights remarkable black men and the work they’re doing. The tech industry has a problem with diversity. In the summer of 2015, Facebook released demographic statistics about its workforce: “…nearly 70% of its employees are men; 57% are white; Hispanics represent just 4%. Black employees comprised just 2% of their workforce.” Industry blog […]