Death and Dying

Are We There Yet? A Story of Sisterhood and Mercy

I place the towel over her silk scarf and tap the iron to make sure it isn’t too hot. I do not want to burn through the thin material. This is part of my morning routine. Today the scarf is blue; yesterday it was yellow. I will prepare her morning bath with a drop of […]

Black Women

Black Girl Free: Unleashing the Wild

M y daughter is six and she likes to twerk. I watch these movements; her hands perched on her knees, back slightly arched as she sways from side to side. I am not compelled to stop her. I watch in amazement at the confidence she spews as her hair, big and wild, sway in concert […]


Gemini Boy (A Fictional Short Story)

Bernard McMain, now known as inmate 999341, spent most of the night grasping for the memory of touch; his mother’s touch, to be exact. She had written him for the last time a month ago. “I don’t wish to burden you with this news, but I’m dying. I’ve known for a while and hoped against […]