Black Musicians Didn’t Give A F*ck About The Black Dahlia

Excerpt from “I’ll Get You My Pretty” Black Los Angeles & The Black Dahlia by award-winning novelist Pam Ward. “Every musician has his last gig,” Joe said. Drummer Man, the youngest of the group, polished his sticks and put them away. The other musicians zipped their cases or gathered sheets of music. Like a cigarette… Continue reading Black Musicians Didn’t Give A F*ck About The Black Dahlia

Rogue’s Rules: Chapter 3

Rogue’s Rules is a work of fiction by award-winning, bestselling author Jervey Tervalon. Read the other chapters in the series here. RULE 8: Nothing wrong about not dying. Nothing right about taking a bullet you don’t need to take I dreamed of craziness mostly; the usual firefights at midnight, and the sound of ground being… Continue reading Rogue’s Rules: Chapter 3


This being her second visit to the grocery store, with its blinding fluorescent light and constant A/C, she came prepared. The wool sweater, a gift from her best friend back in Nairobi, smells of incense and coal, the scent of safe secrets, closeness, and familiarity. Its fabric caresses her chin as she exhales a memory… Continue reading Spinach