Dare to Dream Again

I ran full speed through the imaginary woods with one mission on my mind. “I must save my sister”, I thought to myself as I heard her gasping for air in the distance. “She’s drowning, she’s really drowning”, I said aloud while attempting to catch my breath. At last I reached the ocean of my basement where my sister was slipping away in a sea of blue blankets. I jumped off of the couch which resembled a cliff found in the movie Indiana Jones. I dove to the floor and saved her. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a hero.

Dreaming came easy those days. Our minds were inventive and untethered by the limitations we learn to apply as we get older. There is something truly special about the imagination of children and somewhere along the way many of us traded our deepest dreams in for opportunities that do not bring us fulfillment. Many of us were told, “you’ve got to be more realistic” or “Yea that’s nice but that don’t pay the bills.” For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a dreamer. As a kid in elementary school, when the teacher was teaching the class math equations I was lost in the cockpit of a 747 jumbo jet preparing for take off. That probably explains why I used to fail my multiplication quizzes.

Fast forward to my adult years and I would venture to say very few of us are actually doing things that truly ignite our passions. Dare to dream again, It’s never too late. As long as you have air in your lungs you have an opportunity to jumpstart your imagination and change the course of your destiny forever. Find what lights your fire. You were sent to the earth with extraordinary talents and gifts.

I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. Practically my whole life I have been enthralled by the science of flight. I often take my camera gear to spot aircraft on the weekends at several nearby airports. After years of pushing my dream to the back burner, I decided to attend flight school. It was one of the best and most rewarding decisions of my life. Flying is just one of many dreams I’ve decided to pursue. I made a commitment to myself to leave no stone unturned. Every day life is passing us by and we owe it to ourselves to live the life we deserve. As you begin to walk the path of your truth, there will be people who will attempt to discourage your dreams. There will be people who feel threatened by your big aspirations. Some people will be jealous because you had the guts to go for it. Take a few moments today and rediscover your passion. I dare you to reignite the dream. Be encouraged brothers and sisters. Look in the mirror today and declare you will not allow another dream to be deferred. Dig deep within, rediscover what makes you tick, and go for it.

By Brandon Mckay

Brandon (B.W. Mckay) is a black Christian Writer, Author and Entrepreneur from Washington DC. "Living life unapologetically great" is a mantra he lives by daily. He is also the CEO and Founder of Mckay Media Works and World Wide Mckay.