Loved, yet Misunderstood

T he discovery of individuality and humanity is a journey seldom untangled. There are no proven strategies to ease navigating the voyage, nor perfect techniques to enduring or escaping unscathed. One must endure the plateaus of necessary isolation, rivers of uncertainty, and islands of desperation. Individuals, young and old alike, desire one thing above all… Continue reading Loved, yet Misunderstood

Sipping Vodka in Prince’s Glam Slam

You can always tell how good a nightclub is by analyzing the girls bathroom scene. Prince’s Glam Slam in Los Angeles did not disappoint. I entered the opulent downtown club anointed with the neon gender-blending symbol Prince created after Warner Brothers castrated ‘The Purple One’ over contractual disputes, forcing Prince to forfeit his royal name… Continue reading Sipping Vodka in Prince’s Glam Slam