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Launch Event Recap

To celebrate the launch of the publication, Abernathy partnered with Lessons Learned to host an intimate, private launch event in New York City on Saturday, March 14th, 2015. Lessons Learned is a live storytelling event series founded by Wes Kao. The invitation-only event series features a curated speaker lineup, intimate setting, and stories from smart people about hard-earned lessons. […]

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Going Native

“Where you from?” the driver asks in Spanish after a few minutes in the air-conditioned cab. He had picked me up on the corner near my apartment, sweating under the morning sun in my khakis and button-down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled-up to the elbow. He is running me to the university, but it […]

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Remembering Selma

Fifty years ago, in March of 1965, thousands of people protested restrictions on the voting rights of black citizens in Alabama by marching from the town of Selma to the state capital at Montgomery, a distance of 54 miles. State and local police beat marchers unconscious and white militia groups attacked and killed participants, all […]

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But What About Black-on-Black Crime?

Social media’s coverage of police brutality cases have renewed the discussions regarding race relations in America. The conversations center on systemic racism in America evidenced by the country’s lack of respect for black lives. Unfortunately, opposition to this conversation comes in the form of placing the burden on the black community by asking: “what about […]