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Making things is hard. Making things with technology is even harder. Where do you start? What technologies do you use? Who can you trust?

In my lifetime, I’ve witnessed dramatic shifts in the rate of technological innovation, and it only appears to be accelerating. Want to create a personal web page? That’s easy. Need a reminder to buy eggs as soon as you walk near the grocery store? Not a problem.

But what if you’re trying to solve a problem no one else has solved? What if you have the money and motivation, but you don’t know where to start?

You shouldn’t need a computer science degree to make something, especially if you bring a clear vision to the table. Fortunately, there are professionals and agencies that are happy to bring your idea into fruition.

Companies like nGen Works.

nGen Works

It’s easy to fall for the latest trend, but following others down a well worn path isn’t always the right business decision.

Instead, let us put together a custom solution that revolves around your idea. Combined with our experience, knowledge, and talent, your product will be making real people happy before you know it.

We’re nGen Works, and our process starts with you.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the nGen Works founder, Carl Smith, for many years. Carl is the creator of The Jellyfish Model, which should be required reading for business owners.

Carl is one of my business heroes. I’ve watched dozens of Carl’s talks over the years and we’ve had a number of conversations that are less about business and more about the art of living a life worth leading.

Carl’s DNA is baked into nGen Works, down to the way they collaborate and talk to customers. I’ve met some fantastic business leaders in my time, but not many of whom I’d model my life or company after. Carl is different.

It’s my pleasure to announce nGen Works as an Abernathy sponsor, and I hope to grow this company into something special like Carl has done with his.

By willie jackson

willie jackson is an inclusion strategist who empowers thoughtful organizations and the leaders who run them.