The Future of Work

Once upon a time, I made a living as an IT consultant for a company called Accenture. For most people, Accenture is the company that has huge, strange ads in airports across the nation. For their 375,000 employees, it’s a way of life. My life was interesting and fast-paced—I was on an airplane twice a… Continue reading The Future of Work

Follow Your Passions: Career Lessons with Adam Saint-Prix

This article is sponsored by Atlassian as a part of our Companies That Care initiative. For the past five years, Adam Saint-Prix has enjoyed a fulfilling career in Silicon Valley. You might expect him to have studied at Stanford before taking the role of his choice, but you’d be sorely mistaken. The real story is… Continue reading Follow Your Passions: Career Lessons with Adam Saint-Prix


Making things is hard. Making things with technology is even harder. Where do you start? What technologies do you use? Who can you trust? In my lifetime, I’ve witnessed dramatic shifts in the rate of technological innovation, and it only appears to be accelerating. Want to create a personal web page? That’s easy. Need a… Continue reading Makers

Seeing things through

I built my first website in 2005 for a class project. I was an information technology major and my class was tasked with building an “Interactive Resume” (in essence, a personal website). After hacking together my site using a free HTML and CSS template, I could have collected my passing grade and moved on to… Continue reading Seeing things through

It takes a village

Over the years, I’ve made it a point to prioritize experiences over income. This isn’t to say that these things are mutually exclusive, but the decision tree is pretty simple when you don’t know what you don’t know. Looking back, I’m pleased with the results of this focus. Anything I’ve left on the table in… Continue reading It takes a village

People like us…

…do things like this.” That’s something I learned from my Advisor. It’s a saying that’s supposed to put the listener in an empathetic mindset: how do the people you’re trying to reach self-identify? What’s the secret handshake? Is there a black turtleneck and denim uniform? White earbuds? Making it personal, how do I let the… Continue reading People like us…

On Sponsorship

Before the first piece was published on Abernathy—before the domain was even purchased—I spent a lot of time thinking through the business and how it would change the lives of those we’re trying to reach. For Abernathy to have the traction and reach necessary to make a difference, it needs to make money. How do… Continue reading On Sponsorship