Strang(er) Fruit

Strange fruit, now covering the streets
Juice bleeding black, dripping at my feet
Black bodies dropping with each new day
Quickly becoming the amerikkkan way

Blatant bleaching of the stars & stripes
Profiles to fit all stereotypes
Cries for justice fall on deaf ears
We be the victims of their fears

Here is the fruit to swallow whole
To satisfy desire, to consume souls
To taste sweet malice, to savor spite
Here is a strange & bitter delight

Inspired by Strange Fruit, 1939

By Randi Gloss

Randi Gloss is a DC-raised activist, social entrepreneur & writer. Her brand GLOSSRAGS, is committed to conscious consumerism through critically crafted designs that are a catalyst for social activism & discourse. The signature "And Counting" Collection of apparel does the necessary work of memorializing black men and women who've lost their lives at the hands of police and trigger-happy citizens. Through GLOSSRAGS Media Co., Randi is working to produce documentaries focused on telling the critical narratives of Black Americans. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Complex, The Fader and other publications.