two black boys

two black boys


you are right. They don’t care. They may never.

but We do.

don’t let their abuse become an excuse to relinquish your life and your heart.

look at
draw inspiration from

your babies, siblings, aunties, daddies, nanas, mamas, spouses, loved ones, pop-pops, cousins, homies, uncles, mom-moms…


the lovers that take you in, despite and in spite of your brokenness.

those continually responding to your heart and spirit…


live up to the visions We have for you.

don’t let their bullshit concern you.
They do not matter.
not like We do.

destroy their hatred
with the fire They’d have you burn in,
with the love They cannot conceive.

you need no one’s permission
to heal and reconcile,
to blaze another path.

when their insanity crosses you, smile that beautiful smile and say,

“fuck you. I am greater.
I am greater.”

brush your shoulders off,
get back on purpose,
and shine.

By Omi Murdock

Omi (L. Murdock) is a Usui Reiki Master, Spiritual Practitioner, writer, and occasional poet. Born and raised in Baltimore City, she currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area.