grown woman self love

the poetic greats whisper to me “Young women, live lives of freedom now Wait not for the liberation of gray hairs, and saggy skin, Be free now in your youth” The eyes of the greats bear down on my blank pages Daring my pen to dance the flamenco, tango break out from its measured two-step… Continue reading grown woman self love

Contributor Spotlight: Abigail Mariam

Why is writing important to you? Writing is a means of reflection, creation, and discovery for me. Without writing, I lose my capacity to see myself and learn from my own thoughts. As a lifelong learner, I greatly value the window into my own life and the lives of those around me that words provide.… Continue reading Contributor Spotlight: Abigail Mariam

once i’ve seen

I see them consuming our pain Bite after bite, like it’s an appetizing kernel of the popcorn in their hands Taking in the stories of our youth, our desperation, our devastation of opportunity Like they’re candy I’m sitting here, thinking to myself, These are the stories of poverty, of pain, The stories that can become… Continue reading once i’ve seen