I am Wakandan: Black Panther brings ‘Nu Africa’ to the mainstream

“Imagine if all the rappers were to get with all the athletes or activists for a conference in Zaire to meet with all the ambassadors in the motherland, tell ‘em we comin’ back for her…. What if Jay and Bey bought some land in Egypt? Make Obama the president. His daddy from Kenya so that […]


Learning with a Panther: Using Comic Books to Inspire Minority Students

I oversee education majors looking to teach social studies at middle and high school levels. Recently, one of my black male students asked for tips to make his class more interesting. Most of his seventh grade kids were from low income families and were behind on their reading level. My suggestion was to try comic […]


Forgotten Heroes: The Legacy of Hawks Football

One of my guilty pleasures is watching the TV One documentary cable series Unsung and Unsung Hollywood. If you have never watched either series, they tell the stories of African-American singers and actors who experienced substantial success for a short period of time before their shining star abruptly faded away. If I could create a […]