Black Musicians Didn’t Give A F*ck About The Black Dahlia

Excerpt from “I’ll Get You My Pretty” Black Los Angeles & The Black Dahlia by award-winning novelist Pam Ward. “Every musician has his last gig,” Joe said. Drummer Man, the youngest of the group, polished his sticks and put them away. The other musicians zipped their cases or gathered sheets of music. Like a cigarette […]

Rape Culture

We Must Dismantle the Morehouse Mystique and Examine Our Masculinity

In her explosive, heart-wrenching article “Our Hands are Tied Because of This Damn Brother-Sisterhood Thing,” writer Anita Badejo outlines disturbing accounts of sexual assault that took place on Morehouse’s campus. The article—released on January 21, 2016—not only contains disturbing actions of Morehouse students but ultimately dismissive and disrespectful responses by Morehouse College administrators. On May […]


You Have the Right to Remain Silent. Use It.

Recently, S. Lorén Trull dove into The Dueling Sides of “Just Comply” and the struggle between standing up to police brutality and making it home alive. The “comply, then complain” advice is something defense attorneys like me often tell our clients, but we realize it’s a difficult thing to do. People of color are faced […]

African Diaspora

This Is Our Come Up, So Don’t You Dare Give Up!

To my social world, learn to love your hell so you may better understand when positive comes your way. Even in these harsh times, every generation sees the past as better. While living in the pain, it’s hard to see the passion, but these times we’re in are perhaps the greatest time for this nation […]