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No Safe Spaces: When Violence Against Women is Fantasy and Reality

A ctress Rose McGowan made headlines recently while calling out a billboard for Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse movie and its connection to violence against women. While comic books, and by extension the movies that spawn from the books, are not bastions of world peace or shining beacons of how we should treat each other, McGowan’s beef […]

Domestic Violence

The Black Church is Not Always a Safe Space for Victims of Domestic Violence

In March, gospel artist James Fortune pled guilty to assaulting his wife back in 2014. The well publicized details of the case are ugly—Fortune struck her with a vanity bar stool, kicked, and threw her against the wall. But an additional ugly event, one deeply symptomatic of the Black church’s domestic violence problem, will go […]

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Finding Hope

One of the greatest perks of social media is its ability to be used as a vehicle to share stories. A user actively engaged in the forum has a high chance of learning something that will undoubtedly change her perception on a specific topic. As a man, there were certain things in life that I was […]