The Pursuit of Nappiness

Being aware of oneself is often unnerving
Observing a culture so rich after so much pain
Modifying yourself to be deserving
When it is true beauty that is hoped to be attained

Surviving torture and victimization, attacked relentlessly on all flanks
Standing in the face of nearly certain death and recognizing it as a certainty of life
Knowingly being generalized with and plotted against in all ranks
The ability to withstand the many unheralded circumstances embedded in the strife

The many gradients of expression serve only to unite
While often faced with negativity, yet from it not to cower
Driven by intangibles, dodging snares not in plain sight
A hue for all mankind described as a specific type of power

To equate this to some divinity, that I would not dare
I would simply prefer to aspire to the heights of those who have shared the texture of my hair.

By Desmond JaMaal

Desmond JaMaal is an activist, writer, doula, and scientist with a love for people and a joy for life. Raised in South Florida by way of Mississippi and the Bahamas, his life has been a mix of cultures that has blessed him with enough experiences to grow and love.