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The Perfect Woman

I want to be the perfect woman. At first glance, this might seem ambitious, but it has been repeatedly proven this is actually quite attainable. I know it, because there is an entire industry made of men who’ve created a career and commissioned quite a bit of money from telling women how to be women. […]

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Special Delivery: The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

Something out of the ordinary happened on Black Friday. I was actually in a shopping mall, shopping for something I needed. I had every intention of joining my friends at REI in “opting out” of the day after Thanksgiving spending frenzy, but there were a few critical items I needed for my next Joy Trip. […]

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The Pursuit of Nappiness

Being aware of oneself is often unnerving Observing a culture so rich after so much pain Modifying yourself to be deserving When it is true beauty that is hoped to be attained Surviving torture and victimization, attacked relentlessly on all flanks Standing in the face of nearly certain death and recognizing it as a certainty […]