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So Join Her Truth

I’m just a child of the wisdom unseen and the last moment in time The first words in free verse and last moment in rhyme The first vowel rehearsed when consonants are inclined Travel towards reverse when forward is the design Legitimized under the starlight and glass clouds Emitting the stars rays from the roots […]

Art Beauty Poetry

The Pursuit of Nappiness

Being aware of oneself is often unnerving Observing a culture so rich after so much pain Modifying yourself to be deserving When it is true beauty that is hoped to be attained Surviving torture and victimization, attacked relentlessly on all flanks Standing in the face of nearly certain death and recognizing it as a certainty […]

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Foundational Love

Back in the days of cassette tapes, my love for underground and varied hip hop sounds crossed paths with a song titled “The Foundation” by one of my favorite artists of the time: Xzibit. The word foundation has two primary definitions: the first being the lowest load bearing part of a structure; the second, an underlying […]