Crossroads: Part Two


Continued from Crossroads: Part One. Though he could barely see above the dashboard, the sunlight drowned his already brown, round face. Too short to reach the visor above, he used his hand to shade his eyes from the penetrating rays. The heat, though, was inescapable. “Stop it.” Shane said, as the boy tried to turn… Continue reading Crossroads: Part Two

Crossroads: Part One


He only remembers any of the situation because of its strict deviation from patterns observed. He’s forgotten most of the details of how it made him feel. But it obviously impacted him, to where this memory runs in a loop in the depths of his mind’s archives, ever-on-guard for a situation necessitating it’s recollection. In… Continue reading Crossroads: Part One

Learning to Float

unlearning is a part of the journey. relearning is a part of the blessing. —alex elle Note to Readers: I’ve been praying through journaling this past year. I have a massive document filled with prayers about many things—mainly faith, love, relationships, and purpose—and I want to share a few with you. This is deeply personal… Continue reading Learning to Float


The best ideas happen around 3am. That’s my experience, at least. They tend to be superlative decisions if someone in the decision matrix is inebriated or otherwise compromised by more than mere exhaustion. Hence, when my inebriated host suggested I take an early morning ferry from the monastery in Saint Lucia where I was staying… Continue reading Martinique