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Endnotes to “4:44”

“I apologize, often womanize. Took for my child to be born. See through a woman’s eyes.” -Jay-Z On June 30, 2017, Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) released his 13th studio album 4:44, arguably the most personal and socially conscious album of his career. Subscribers to his online streaming service, Tidal, are privy to music videos for the […]


The Detox: A Word (For Men) On Loving Before Losing

For better or worse. In sickness and in health. For richer or for poorer. When we talk about love, we often acknowledge the rocky roads and rollercoaster rides necessary to make things work. We’re in love with love, whether it’s the forever relationship or “for as long as we can have it.” And in love […]

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On Regrets: A Tribute

[For my Sagittarian Fairy Godwriters, Mr. Carter (b. 12/4) and Ms. Didion (b. 12/5). For me. So I may never forget.] During a dark autumn in my undergraduate years , I wrote in the top margin of a composition notebook page: No answer to these trick questions / No time, shit stressin’ / My life […]

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My Standards are Simple and Mine Alone

“Your standards are too high.” If you’re 30-plus, educated, single, and a woman, you probably hear this at family barbecues and any company gatherings that take place after three rounds of drinks have been purchased. I used to hear this all the time. Maybe the words are still being whispered by my family, but I […]