Kanye West, the Serial Misogynist

Kanye West serves as a particularly fruitful starting point for examining the intersection of race, masculinity and misogyny. Intentionally or unintentionally, he’s always reflected Americans as they truly are. When he needs attention he whines on Twitter. He defends Bill Cosby, a rapist. He tells us he’s going to make clothes a poor kid can […]

Rape Culture

On Ian Connor, Theophilus London, and Rape Culture

L ast week, videos of Ian Connor, who is Kanye West’s creative consultant, surfaced on Twitter. In these videos, Ian Connor is seen sucker-punching rapper, singer, and Kanye collaborator, Theophilus London. In case you don’t know who Ian Connor is, he’s been accused of rape by at least six women. It was covered in major outlets […]

Mental Health

How An Ultralight Beam Helped My Dark Depression

I first heard “Ultralight Beam” when Kanye West and company performed it on Saturday Night Live. The-Dream opens with “I’m tryna keep my faith and Kanye continues with Deliver us serenity. Deliver us peace. Deliver us love. Lord knows we need it.” Think about how tragic it is that Kanye West, one of the biggest […]