Close-Up on the Background: A Conversation with Sergio Giral, The Father of Afro-Cuban Cinema

The concept of “Afro-Cuban” art has always garnered a great deal of attention from enthusiasts of the African Diaspora. Although it is ubiquitous and synonymous with most Cuban art on the island, drawing no particular distinction, this hyphenated genre among a more global audience is defined more by the subject of Black culture in Cuba… Continue reading Close-Up on the Background: A Conversation with Sergio Giral, The Father of Afro-Cuban Cinema

The Future of Work

Once upon a time, I made a living as an IT consultant for a company called Accenture. For most people, Accenture is the company that has huge, strange ads in airports across the nation. For their 375,000 employees, it’s a way of life. My life was interesting and fast-paced—I was on an airplane twice a… Continue reading The Future of Work

Earning the Black Vote

Realistically, the African American community contributes in the neighborhood of only ten million votes in a national election. It takes sixty million to win. The assumed novelty of the African American vote is that African Americans vote in a condensed group. This is what the Democratic party has been exploiting since the 1960s. Again, don’t… Continue reading Earning the Black Vote

madness and mindfulness

One of my favorite pastimes is walking Marcus Garvey Park, a twenty acre square in Harlem that forces Fifth Avenue traffic to slow down and behold its gated splendor. By day, the park plays host to pickup basketball games, boisterous children, and an endless parade of pooping dogs. By night, it’s largely deserted. Last week,… Continue reading madness and mindfulness

Learning to Float

unlearning is a part of the journey. relearning is a part of the blessing. —alex elle Note to Readers: I’ve been praying through journaling this past year. I have a massive document filled with prayers about many things—mainly faith, love, relationships, and purpose—and I want to share a few with you. This is deeply personal… Continue reading Learning to Float

Vol 8: Negus Album Review

Peace. I’ve always felt that an emcee’s lyrics were a reflection of their emotional maturity and critical thinking abilities. For example, if you don’t have anything to say, it’s because you’re not insightful—or you’re dumbing your music down because you think it’s what suburban kids want you to be. You’re the type of emcee that… Continue reading Vol 8: Negus Album Review

no time for despair

Many of my colleagues who facilitate training and workshops for companies—especially around equity and inclusion—are gearing up for an intense season. With the holiday season upon us and the reality of the election still settling in, many of us are experiencing anxieties about the future. But a bit of reflection on how much black folks… Continue reading no time for despair

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The Fierce Urgency Of Now

America: we need to have a heart-to-heart. I don’t want to sit here and repeat the liberal or conservative talking points; there’s enough blame to go around. Nay, instead, I think we need to talk about some of the core problems that have been hitting the mainstream in recent years. On Partisanship As a country,… Continue reading The Fierce Urgency Of Now

Contributor Spotlight: Christina Haywood

The Abernathy contributor spotlight series shines the spotlight on our brilliant authors. If you’d like to write for Abernathy, please submit your best work here. Why is writing important to you? Writing has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I’ve always had a journal and even as a young girl… Continue reading Contributor Spotlight: Christina Haywood