The Baltimore I See

I grew up in the suburbs, about 10 miles west of Baltimore City, went to predominately white schools and only knew of “the city” as the Inner Harbor. My lens was very limited. Shielded by my own blindness, it wasn’t until I entered high school that I started becoming more aware of the other Baltimore.… Continue reading The Baltimore I See

Healing through Haitian Folklore Dance

Strength and grace is something that is recognized when you see performers like Misty Copeland or anyone from an Alvin Ailey program dance across the stage. Unknowingly, you wouldn’t be able to tell of any suffering or pain these performers have been through, but you can sense their dedication – their passion – of giving… Continue reading Healing through Haitian Folklore Dance

Rowdy and Raw: Getting Real with Keith Golden Yoga

Over the past two years, I’ve been attending on average two yoga classes per week across the D.M.V. area. Initially I started practicing because I wanted to balance strength training with mobility to increase my form and lift heavier weights, then my practice transitioned from focusing on the physical benefits to digging deep into the… Continue reading Rowdy and Raw: Getting Real with Keith Golden Yoga