I Don’t Blame You For Not Wanting To Vote… But You Should Vote Anyway

Let’s be perfectly honest and keep it 100: The 2016 election cycle is a shit show. It’d be a shit show if it existed in a vacuum. It’s an even bigger debacle on the heels of our nation’s first black president who ran a near flawless campaign in 2008 and made lightning strike twice in […]

Domestic Violence

The Black Church is Not Always a Safe Space for Victims of Domestic Violence

In March, gospel artist James Fortune pled guilty to assaulting his wife back in 2014. The well publicized details of the case are ugly—Fortune struck her with a vanity bar stool, kicked, and threw her against the wall. But an additional ugly event, one deeply symptomatic of the Black church’s domestic violence problem, will go […]

Awareness Coming-of-Age

A Conversation Between Greatness, Compromise, and Sacrifice

A conversation between Greatness, Sacrifice, Compromise—circa 2012—and someone who’s stupid enough to pretend these things aren’t interrelated. We’ll call that person,”G.” G: Alright. So check this out. I have all these plans I wish to accomplish and a lifetime to accomplish them. I know you’re in my future and I just have to put in […]

Mental Health

How An Ultralight Beam Helped My Dark Depression

I first heard “Ultralight Beam” when Kanye West and company performed it on Saturday Night Live. The-Dream opens with “I’m tryna keep my faith and Kanye continues with Deliver us serenity. Deliver us peace. Deliver us love. Lord knows we need it.” Think about how tragic it is that Kanye West, one of the biggest […]


We Are Not A Sports Team

This letter was inspired by a recent trip with my homies. To whom it may concern, This may come as a surprise to some people. This might be some of the most shocking news that has come across your computer screen since you found out that Dennis Rodman placed himself in charge of international relations […]


For Us, By Us On The Low: A Movement For Black Media

As a longtime fan of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, it didn’t take long to see the show—one of the only spaces on cable news that highlighted issues of concern for progressives and communities of color—was in trouble. First, the branding was stripped away, replaced with the generic MSNBC logo. The content changed, with Sundays seemingly […]


Recruiting a New Generation in S.T.E.M.

“So let me get this straight. You spent 11 extra years in school just so you could put kids in an MRI machine? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.” —Judgmental 5th grader I was giving my Career Day presentation to a classroom full of 5th-8th grade students, sharing what got me interested in science, […]


The Journey of Self-Discovery

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” –Carl Jung Twenty-two. African American male. 5 foot, 10 inches. Son. Brother. Public servant. Preacher. College graduate. Old soul. That’s who I am externally, but who I am internally? What makes me smile? […]


greatness (a poem)

Imagine if we all decided to be great If we decided our heritage was heroism Our lineage was leadership Our inheritance was ingenuity Our purpose was power Our call was courageousness What if we chose to believe that shining our light was never optional That our destinies were required reading for ourselves our haters ourselves […]

Jackie Robinson

A Lasting Legacy

America was deeply segregated when Jackie Robinson broke into major league baseball in 1947. A year prior to his debut at first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers, at least half a dozen blacks were lynched in the South. The president of the Brooklyn Dodgers at the time was a man named Branch Rickey. Rickey, known […]