For Us, By Us On The Low: A Movement For Black Media

As a longtime fan of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, it didn’t take long to see the show—one of the only spaces on cable news that highlighted issues of concern for progressives and communities of color—was in trouble. First, the branding was stripped away, replaced with the generic MSNBC logo. The content changed, with Sundays seemingly […]

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Power On, Fist Up: African Amedia

Mainstream American media has a shameful record of misrepresenting black Americans, their lives and stories in ways that are either outright racist or implied through more subtle, coded language and images. Artist Justin Adu’s African Amedia exhibit, at the African American Museum of Dallas, seeks to address these negative portrayals through the use of multimedia art. I […]

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Cold-Blooded Killer or Mentally Disturbed?

You often hear about mass shootings on the news, but when it happens in your hometown, a small part of you dies. A few nights ago, a small part of me died. It was killed by emotions of anger, sadness, disappointment, a lack of understanding, and unabated rage. As a white man walked into what […]

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Bino and Fino Love the Kids

Ibrahim Waziri is the head of business development for Nigeria-produced educational children’s cartoon Bino and Fino. I recently caught up with him to talk about representation of black kids on television, the show’s fandom, and how the program came to fruition. Bani Amor: What’s the story behind Bino and Fino? How did the show come about? Ibrahim […]

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Change I Can Believe In: On Media Bias

There are some things in media that I believed would never change. If I’m watching TV and I check out the Knicks game, it is likely they’ll lose. They’ve been losing my entire life. But what things in the media sphere can we change? While not always on display, my natural hair is a beautiful […]