Black Family Forgiveness Short Story

Family Reapers (a short story)

I am here to recollect the stories of one family. A family who must face judgment from Death, the decider of its fate. She has an ink-filled scythe, red eyes, and dwells in her sulfur lair, acting swiftly with no remorse. The members of this family live in dungeons; they are in hellholes that hinder their […]

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Follow Your Passions: Career Lessons with Adam Saint-Prix

This article is sponsored by Atlassian as a part of our Companies That Care initiative. For the past five years, Adam Saint-Prix has enjoyed a fulfilling career in Silicon Valley. You might expect him to have studied at Stanford before taking the role of his choice, but you’d be sorely mistaken. The real story is […]

Beauty Black Women Feminism

The Perfect Woman

I want to be the perfect woman. At first glance, this might seem ambitious, but it has been repeatedly proven this is actually quite attainable. I know it, because there is an entire industry made of men who’ve created a career and commissioned quite a bit of money from telling women how to be women. […]

Diversity Interviews

A Conversation with Todd Corley

I used to work for Abercrombie & Fitch back when conditions were far from ideal. I was hired right out of college in early 2002 at an all-comers job fair where my “collegiate” and “quality” (i.e., white and ripped) looks drew instant attention from a recruiter. I was thrown into a busy store with zero […]

Bill Cosby Rape Culture Sexual Assault

Cosby and Consent

One sentiment expressed throughout the Cosby news cycle is that some men think it is scary that they could one day be accused of rape. That is a valid concern. It is an even scarier thought though, that someone may actually rape someone without understanding what rape truly is. The biggest takeaway from the Cosby […]

Black Lives Matter Dr. Martin Luther King

What Would King Do?

The Black Lives Matter movement has exponentially increased America’s protest activity within the last two to three years. The movement, if it needed to be summed up in one sentence, is centered on the lack of accountability regarding state-sponsored police violence inflicted on black citizens. These protests have done an amazing job of bringing awareness […]

Black Lives Matter

The Courage to Transform: A Love Letter to Black Lives Matter Activist

Dear Black Lives Matter Activist, Creatives, Radicals and Revolutionaries, This a love letter. I feel an overwhelming need to repeatedly thank you for your efforts. Every day you show up and share your voice, your vision, and your passion. The importance of your actions and the strength of your values, exhibited by deed and action, […]


57 is like…

57 is like… Last winter daddy was dying. This winter Colette is on the verge We wait to greet her God willing. I worry about judgment I need to be chill Maybe I’m January And Jinghuan’s May Unintentional as Oedipus, I thought she was a pretty prosthelytizer She thought I was sweaty, heavy and younger […]

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Why It’s Not Okay to Call a Human Illegal and How Yoga Helped Me Speak Up

“We came to this country to unite, you need to show them we are here to work hard. That’s it. You show them by example not by arguing or crying.” Those were my fathers words when I was crying after somebody made a racist comment about Mexicans being lazy. I took my father’s advice to […]

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brothas: you are right. They don’t care. They may never. but We do. don’t let their abuse become an excuse to relinquish your life and your heart. look at consider draw inspiration from your babies, siblings, aunties, daddies, nanas, mamas, spouses, loved ones, pop-pops, cousins, homies, uncles, mom-moms… …We. the lovers that take you in, […]